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Hydration Station!

By February 3, 2016January 14th, 2021Uncategorized

It is vital to keep your skin hydrated in the brutal months of winter. Here are some ways to keep your skin glowing:


Water-The #1 way to keep your skin looking amazing is from the inside out. If you find drinking 8 glasses a day is difficult, change it up! Green tea, hot or cold, will keep you hydrated and has amazing additional benefits! Benefits such as antioxidants and is proven to boost your metabolism. Make a game out of drinking your 64 ounces by labeling a water jug with encouraging messages or challenge a friend!

Foods-Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seed, cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, avocado, kale, olive oil and coconut oil all have incredible hydrating properties.

Daily care- Make sure you moisturize every morning and night. At night use a heavier cream or serum so your skin can soak it in while you sleep. Don’t forget to give extra attention to the skin around your eyes as that skin is very thin.

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Avoid-The sun can be even harsher in winter. Do your best to avoid it but if you must be outdoors always use additonal sunscreen. The sunscreen in your make-up or moisturizer won’t cut it. You need another layer, at least SPF 40. Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is a heptotoxin-meaning it is a toxin to the cells that detoxify your body. That’s why after a night of drinking you may feel like you’ve aged 5 years. Skip the long steamy showers. Long, hot showers are known to strip skin of its moisture and wash away protective oils.

Matianence- Facials aren’t just for relaxing. They keep your skin healthy, youthful and most importantly, fresh. It is suggested to go once a month to maintain your beautiful skin.

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