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How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie!

By January 24, 2016January 14th, 2021Uncategorized

Green smoothies are all the rage right now! There’s no need to spend $7 on one at the local juice shops, just follow this simple recipe to customize your perfect green smoothie;

green smoothie

Step 1-select your greens (1 big handful)

•Kale                        •Collards

•Spinach                  • Swiss Chard

Step 2-select your fruits (1-2 cups fresh or frozen)

•Banana                 •Apple                            •Rasberries

•Melon                   •Strawberries                  •Mango

•Blackberries          •Blueberries                    •Peach

Step 3-Select your liquid (1.5 cups unsweetened)

•Almond milk       •Coconut milk

•Soy milk              •Coconut water (or plain water)

•Hemp milk          •Rice milk

Step 4-Supercharge it! (add as many as you like!)

•1-2tbsp Plant-based protein powder  •1tbsp Raw Cacao

•1tbsp Ground flaxseed                      •1tbsp Hemp seed

•1tbsp Chia seeds                                •1tbsp Bee pollen

•1tbsp Sesame seed                           •1tbsp Nut butter

•2tbsp Avacado                                •1tsp Maca powder

Step 5-Blend

Step 6-Enjoy!!

girls drinking coconuts

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