Waxing Services for Women

Face and Body Waxing Hair Removal Service

Get every part of your body silky smooth with our female waxing services that fit your needs.
You’ll have a comfortable waxing experience that gets your body beach ready.

Body Waxing

Arms (Full) $40

Includes entire surface of your arms

Arms (Partial) $27

Includes either upper or lower arm area

Under Arms $18

Includes the under arm area

Back (Full) $58

Includes the entire back area

Back (Upper or Lower) $29

Includes the area above your tush up to and including the lower back area

Back (Along lower belt line) $14

Includes the area just above the tush along the belt line

Hands and Fingers $12

Includes the tops of hands and fingers

Legs (Full) $69

Includes waxing the entire surface of your legs. Bikini area not included

Legs (Half) $35

Includes ½ of the leg area either upper or lower

Shoulders $20

Includes the front, top, and back of shoulders

Stomach (Full) $30

Includes the area above your bikini line to under the breast line

Stomach (Strip) $10

Includes the area just above the bikini line to the belly button

Toes & Feet $12

Includes the top of your feet and toes

Classic Pinup Bikini $36

Hair is removed outside the panty line, plus a little off the top. Creates a clean, natural, shape.

Teeny Weeny Bikini $45

Waxing removes hair inside the panty line to create a thin strip from front to back. Does not include the labia.

Wipeout Brazilian $51

Hair is waxed from front to back, including the inner backside. Can leave a thin strip or triangle of hair in front

Facial Waxing

Cheeks $10

Includes the apple of the cheeks down do the jaw line

Chin $12

Takes care of the hair on the top of your chin and just beneath

Chin & Lip $18

Chin service combined with our upper and lover lip service.c

Ears $12

Removes all hair on the outside of the ear

Eyebrow Clean Up $14

Very basic brow grooming, waxing between the brows and trim only

Hair Line $12

Removes hair along the hairline of the upper face

Eyebrow Cali Style $20

Clean up on all sides, groomed, shaped and filled

Full Face $42

Includes Cheeks, Chip, Upper and Lower Lip, and Sideburns

Full Face (with brows) $52

Includes Cheeks, Chin, Upper and Lower Lip, Sideburns and Eyebrows

Side Burnes $12

Removes hair the top of the ear line to the jaw line

Lip (Upper & Lower) $12

Removes hair above the lip line and around the lower lip line

Neck $14

Takes care of the unwanted hair on the back of the neck

Nose $12

Removes hair from the base of the nose to just inside the rim. The good nose hair that filters the bad stuff is left behind.