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Contour Craze

By February 16, 2016January 14th, 2021Uncategorized

Everyone is contouring now of days! It may look great in pictures but how do you avoid looking like a clown in person?! Here of our favorite tips to keep you looking flawless:

contour 1

DO use the right blending products. We love The Original Beauty Blender and a Kabuki brush.

DON’T use shades that are too light or dark. You should be using a color that is two shades ligher than your skin and a color that is two shades darker than your skin. Any more will be too hard to blend and leave you with a harsh look.

DO know your face shape and apply makeup accordingly to achieve the best individualized look. (image credit


DON’T skip the blush. Your face has many different colors on it. When you cover it up with one solid color it can look unnatural and flat. That is where the beauty of blush, highlighting and contouring comes in.

DO use a highlighter. This is an easy way to add dimension to your face. Use it on all the high parts of your face, the bridge of your nose and cheek bones.

DON’T neglect your lips. While a nude lip looks great with a smokey eye, leaving them untouched will make them disappear. If you don’t want a dramatic lip, try a matte lip product like NARS matte lipstick pencil.




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