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Best Brow Practices

By February 1, 2016January 14th, 2021Uncategorized

A good brow look should anchor the face and complement your features, acting as the frame of the canvas that is your face.

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Follow the “Golden Ratio”What is the Golden Ratio? If you want the full-on mathematical explanation you can see the Wikipedia here, basically it has been used in both art and nature as an aesthetically pleasing proportion. (image credit Anastasia):


1. The beginning of the brows goes from a straight line from the side of your nose
2. The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil
3. The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner


Brush your brows

Brushing your brows will help you visualize where they need to be filled in. Make sure to brush the hairs up, starting from the front working towards the tail of the brow.


Shade in your brows

Now that you can see which hairs need to be filled it, go ahead and lightly shade in your brows. It is important not to over shade the brows or else they will become darker than your natural brow color.


Outline your brows

Outlining your brows will give them a little bit more detail and fullness. To achieve that perfectly detailed look, outline the hairs starting from the front and ending at the tail. Much like shading, outlining the brow is most effective with a gentle touch.


Set your brows

To achieve that perfect finish, apply a brow wax or gel to lock the brows in place and comb the hairs up. Brush the hairs up will show the hair texture, which is important for natural looking brows.


Consult the experts

Make an appointment to come see one of our amazing brow experts at California Wax. They will help you with the perfect brow shape for your face and can teach you how to fill them in. Giving you that effortless look you are looking for.


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