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Community Highlight: Downtown Brea

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A few years ago Brea revamped their downtown area to the perfect spot for any date night or a family day. With a great variety of different restaurants and shops, there is a perfect spot for everyone!



With almost 19 different places to eat no one is going to go hungry here. There is everything from a trendy Mac and Cheese spot to a classic Irish pub. Here are our top three delicious picks:

Cha Cha’s Latin KitchenThis energetic Mexican restaurant in Brea Downtown is always bustling with the sounds of its popular happy hour, live Latin bands, and the conversations of friends and family.

Ferrell’s-Step back in time over 100 years to see servers dressed in pin-striped vests, old fashioned ties, and cane hats. The restaurants feature the distinctive “old Farrell’s” appearance of a century past ice cream parlor. The newspaper type menu, old fashioned candy and delicious food and ice cream will let you experience or re-experience what made Farrell’s famous all across the U.S.

Taps FishhouseThe restaurant offers a celebration of seafood and steaks, along with award-winning ales and lagers handcrafted in the European tradition.


Whether you’re just running errands or in need of serious shopping spree–Downtown Brea has something for you. Besides Old Navy, White House Black Market, and Bath & Body Works, there are several shops unique to the strip.

Sarah Bain Gallery-Sally Waranch Rajcic, owner and director of Sarah Bain Gallery, has developed a comprehensive group of emerging artists with a primary emphasis on figurative painting with strong conceptual themes.

SUO Boutique-A trendy boutique full of chic clothes and great prices.

Zen N Fit Yoga

downtownbrea 2


Downtown Brea has two Edward’s theaters to ensure you won’t miss any upcoming blockbusters. Or if you’re looking for laughs chek out the Brea Improv.

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Winter Heatwave

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How amazing has this weather been?! While the rest of the country has to escape to the Islands to get some sun, all we have to do is head to the backyard. Here our must-have items for this winter heatwave:

Straw fedora– A chic and easy way to keep the sun off of your face is with a hat. It is also a lifesaver for unruly beach hair. Check out our favorites at Nordstrom and ASOS.

straw hat

Sporty bikini-We are obsessed with Lululemon’s bikini line. Perfectly constructed to keep you stylish and ready for any adventure that comes your way.

sporty bikini

Shirt dress– Whether it is pullover or a button up, a shirt dress is so versatile! Throw it on over your bathing suit a the pool or style with wedges and bold earrings for margaritas with the girls.

shirt dress


Weekend bag– A chic weekend bag is a must! We love Cleobella’s bags for function and fun boho-inspired style.

weekend bag

Beach skin– Being in the sun and water can reak havok on your skin. Make sure you are keeping moisturized, wearing SPF and keeping up with your monthly facials.


Summer here we come!

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Contour Craze

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Everyone is contouring now of days! It may look great in pictures but how do you avoid looking like a clown in person?! Here of our favorite tips to keep you looking flawless:

contour 1

DO use the right blending products. We love The Original Beauty Blender and a Kabuki brush.

DON’T use shades that are too light or dark. You should be using a color that is two shades ligher than your skin and a color that is two shades darker than your skin. Any more will be too hard to blend and leave you with a harsh look.

DO know your face shape and apply makeup accordingly to achieve the best individualized look. (image credit


DON’T skip the blush. Your face has many different colors on it. When you cover it up with one solid color it can look unnatural and flat. That is where the beauty of blush, highlighting and contouring comes in.

DO use a highlighter. This is an easy way to add dimension to your face. Use it on all the high parts of your face, the bridge of your nose and cheek bones.

DON’T neglect your lips. While a nude lip looks great with a smokey eye, leaving them untouched will make them disappear. If you don’t want a dramatic lip, try a matte lip product like NARS matte lipstick pencil.




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Hydration Station!

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It is vital to keep your skin hydrated in the brutal months of winter. Here are some ways to keep your skin glowing:


Water-The #1 way to keep your skin looking amazing is from the inside out. If you find drinking 8 glasses a day is difficult, change it up! Green tea, hot or cold, will keep you hydrated and has amazing additional benefits! Benefits such as antioxidants and is proven to boost your metabolism. Make a game out of drinking your 64 ounces by labeling a water jug with encouraging messages or challenge a friend!

Foods-Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seed, cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, avocado, kale, olive oil and coconut oil all have incredible hydrating properties.

Daily care- Make sure you moisturize every morning and night. At night use a heavier cream or serum so your skin can soak it in while you sleep. Don’t forget to give extra attention to the skin around your eyes as that skin is very thin.

shower 1

Avoid-The sun can be even harsher in winter. Do your best to avoid it but if you must be outdoors always use additonal sunscreen. The sunscreen in your make-up or moisturizer won’t cut it. You need another layer, at least SPF 40. Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is a heptotoxin-meaning it is a toxin to the cells that detoxify your body. That’s why after a night of drinking you may feel like you’ve aged 5 years. Skip the long steamy showers. Long, hot showers are known to strip skin of its moisture and wash away protective oils.

Matianence- Facials aren’t just for relaxing. They keep your skin healthy, youthful and most importantly, fresh. It is suggested to go once a month to maintain your beautiful skin.

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Best Brow Practices

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A good brow look should anchor the face and complement your features, acting as the frame of the canvas that is your face.

beach brow

Follow the “Golden Ratio”What is the Golden Ratio? If you want the full-on mathematical explanation you can see the Wikipedia here, basically it has been used in both art and nature as an aesthetically pleasing proportion. (image credit Anastasia):


1. The beginning of the brows goes from a straight line from the side of your nose
2. The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil
3. The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner


Brush your brows

Brushing your brows will help you visualize where they need to be filled in. Make sure to brush the hairs up, starting from the front working towards the tail of the brow.


Shade in your brows

Now that you can see which hairs need to be filled it, go ahead and lightly shade in your brows. It is important not to over shade the brows or else they will become darker than your natural brow color.


Outline your brows

Outlining your brows will give them a little bit more detail and fullness. To achieve that perfectly detailed look, outline the hairs starting from the front and ending at the tail. Much like shading, outlining the brow is most effective with a gentle touch.


Set your brows

To achieve that perfect finish, apply a brow wax or gel to lock the brows in place and comb the hairs up. Brush the hairs up will show the hair texture, which is important for natural looking brows.


Consult the experts

Make an appointment to come see one of our amazing brow experts at California Wax. They will help you with the perfect brow shape for your face and can teach you how to fill them in. Giving you that effortless look you are looking for.


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How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie!

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Green smoothies are all the rage right now! There’s no need to spend $7 on one at the local juice shops, just follow this simple recipe to customize your perfect green smoothie;

green smoothie

Step 1-select your greens (1 big handful)

•Kale                        •Collards

•Spinach                  • Swiss Chard

Step 2-select your fruits (1-2 cups fresh or frozen)

•Banana                 •Apple                            •Rasberries

•Melon                   •Strawberries                  •Mango

•Blackberries          •Blueberries                    •Peach

Step 3-Select your liquid (1.5 cups unsweetened)

•Almond milk       •Coconut milk

•Soy milk              •Coconut water (or plain water)

•Hemp milk          •Rice milk

Step 4-Supercharge it! (add as many as you like!)

•1-2tbsp Plant-based protein powder  •1tbsp Raw Cacao

•1tbsp Ground flaxseed                      •1tbsp Hemp seed

•1tbsp Chia seeds                                •1tbsp Bee pollen

•1tbsp Sesame seed                           •1tbsp Nut butter

•2tbsp Avacado                                •1tsp Maca powder

Step 5-Blend

Step 6-Enjoy!!

girls drinking coconuts

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Summer bodies are made in Winter!

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We all know that feeling of panic on that first warm day of spring. “There is no way I can put on a bikini looking like this! How fast can I lose 10lbs?!” Avoid that stress this year and get on top of your perfect beach body today!

looking at water


The truth is, there is no quick trick to get that Candice Swanepoel body. And she’s not doing that 30 day squat challenge either. Start a solid routine that gets your heart rate up for at least 45 minutes 3 times a week. Find something you love so it’s not a chore. Weightlifting is popular right now but don’t forget the good ol’ favorites like classes at the gym, swimming, and running. It really all comes down to consistency and time.


I really hate the word “diet” because it implies a short-term plan. Eating healthy shouldn’t be something that only last until that weekend away. Working on changing your eating habits to include lean meats, high fiber vegetables, and good fats. If you fill up on these foods first you will eat less carbs and sugar. And when those nights out arrive you won’t feel guilty splurging.

paddle board


Let’s face it, everyone looks better tan. There are so many great tanning products out there, there is no reason to damage your skin in a tanning bed or in the sun. My favorite is Loving Tan. The secret to a perfect fake tan is remembering to exfoliate before!


Waxing will keep you hair free for up to four weeks. Perfect for those weekend getaways and spontaneous beach trips. To achieve the best results waxing, you need consistency! Eventually, you will have less and less hair!

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Get the best results waxing!

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Maybe you have been waxing for years or finally worked up the courage to go for the first time. Either way here is a few tips to get the most out of your waxing experience;



Grow your hair!-Usually a weeks worth is enough, you want it to be 1/4 inch in length. If you can stand it 3 weeks is even better! Then all three hair cycles will be pulled at once and you will have less regrowth and the next session will be a lot less painful.

Exfoliate!-Use an alula or body brush to remove excess dry skin and help pull up any ingrown hairs.

Reduce pain!-There are so many things you can do to help with pain. Take an ibuprofen. Don’t get waxed 3 days before or after your period. Your skin is most sensitive during this time. Avoid caffeine for 5 hours before getting waxed will greatly reduce sensitivity. Caffeine restricts the blood vessels so skin is not getting as much blood flow which increases sensitivity.


wax 2


Exfoliate!-Exfoliate using both chemically and with a body brush. This will remove excess skin and prevent hair from getting trapped under the skin.

Take it easy!-Avoid any heavy sweating activities, such as working out, for 24 hours. This will avoid bacteria getting into your recently opened pores.

Make your next appointment!-Each consecutive time you get waxed you will experience less pain and get better results. Pulling your hair from the root will damage the follicle resulting in thinner hair and eventually hair loss.

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Community highlight: Brea Community Center

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Across the way from us and next to the Brea mall is the most amazing center. The Brea Community center has several useful resources available to the public.



A fitness membership is only $14.5o a month and word on the street is you can get it even lower at the Wellness Festival in September. Not only do they offer weights and cardio machines but a diverse class schedule that includes favorites like; yoga, cycle, and body pump.

Recreation classes

From toddler’s music classes to youth sports leagues to hypnosis classes, Brea Community center has it all! New sessions are available every season, so be sure to check out the catalog you get in the mail or the website.


Like many cities, Brea offers several self-improvement classes but something that sets them apart is they offer child care. With a cost of $2.50 an hour per child, there is no excuse not to attend these classes or miss a gym session.


One reason the babysitting is so great it because they also offer an impressive Tiny Tots program. For ages 3-5, the program is designed to give children, three to five years of age, the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience life through organized recreational activities such as music and movement, manipulative skills, blocks, and art. Tiny Tots is a small beginning to preparing a child for school, as well as learn the social skills of communicating with parents, teachers, and other children.

Family Resource Center

If you or a family member ever finds themselves in need, the Brea Community center is the first place you should look. They have partnered with the community and government to offer a wide verity of services. Some of those services include counseling and support groups, veteran assistance, Medical and food stamps and English classes.

When you’re all done visiting the Community Center, be sure to come across the street and stop by California Wax Center. Ask about our Locals Only specials!

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2016 is here!

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We are now almost one week into 2016! How are you doing with your resolutions?! The most common resolutions are

  • Working out
  • Eating bettercelebrate

Both will make you feel and look good but it is easier said then done. Here are a few tips to help you achieve you goals:


Set a plan!

Make a realistic timeline to stay on track.  Give yourself adequate time to complete each step and choose a date when you hope to reach your overall goal. If you haven’t started working on your goal, today is the day!

Share your goals!

Write your goals down and post them where you can see them everyday such as on your computer or refrigerator. Share your goals with family and friends for invaluable support and assistance. Confiding in them is a powerful motivator to keep you on track. Some may even join you in your efforts to keep your to your resolutions.

Reward yourself!

For each milestone your reach, plan something fun. Rather than using food or skipping a work out to celebrate, stay on track with new gym clothes, a massage, a vacation, girl’s night out, or a day off of work.

Keep a Journal!

This a great tool to track your progress and keep you motivated. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can use a notebook or even notes on a calander. Don’t forget to take pictures too! Record what you did and how you feel. When your discouraged take a look back to see how far you’ve come or how great you felt after reaching a goal.

Take pride in your progress!

All your hardwork deserves to be shown off! Buy some new clothes, try a new haircut, or get a bikini wax. A bikini wax will make your new body look even better and keep you ready for all the adventures life throws your way.

Always beach ready!

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