Customizable Airbrush Spray Tanning


Orange County Tanning Services

Airbrush tanning is a kind of spray tanning that’s applied with an airbrush instead of a spray gun. Airbrush tanning is a custom treatment where our experts spray the tanning solution specific to your body and skin for a more natural-looking tan.

Before You Airbrush Tan

  • CLEAN SKIN– Exfoliate,  scrub, or shave at least 1 day before your appointment. If you have waxed, we recommend waiting 2 days.  Make sure that all residues from shampoos, conditioners, and soaps are fully rinsed from skin. Avoid using bar soaps that can prevent the tan from taking.
  • DO NOT apply lotions, moisturizers, deodorants, makeup, or perfumes to your skin. They can prevent the tan from fully absorbing and developing
  • WEAR dark loose fitted clothing to your appointment.

After Your Tanning Service

  • DO NOT use any moisturizers, perfume, deodorants or apply makeup until after your first shower.
  • AVOID physical exercise, heat, or anything where you could sweat. Also avoid situations where you could get wet, the water can splash on your skin causing sploching.
  • WAIT 6-8 hours before your first shower, it’s best to use lukewarm water. Avoid harsh soaps and exfoliants. It takes time for your tan to develop so give yourself as much time as possible. Sleep in it if you can, but don’t keep the solution on longer than 24 hours.

Keeping Your Tan

  • Moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizer.
  • Hot showers, chlorine, and excessive sweating, will deplete your tan.
  • Use a self tanner. Our ‘Summer Tan’ is a great gradual self tanning lotion and is available in the salon and online.

After a few days lightly exfoliate the skin, for an even fade. Continue to do so every 2-3 days.   

Before & After